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Quyyum was jailed for four many nine months after admitting two counts of conspiracy to defrauding Barclays between 2012 and 2014 the other count of conspiracy to defraud clearing banks on or before barclay credit card login 23 March 2013. Investors who, as of the record date, hold a quantity of ETNs that isn't divisible by four will get one reverse-split adjusted ETN for each and every four ETNs held about the record date plus a cash payment for virtually any odd quantity of ETNs remaining (the partials). Rapid and consistent growth in dividends continues to be one from the most positive themes for the S&P 500 and now we expect it to carry on in 2017. Looking ahead to 2017, Barclays aims to participate in in trade association forums that are starting to explore smart contracts, such as ISDA.